Succesful TRE Module 1 in London

Posted on30 Mar 2018
‘The atmosphere of safety and an allowing attitude was superb.’ -Lotta Kupiainen, Yoga Instructor ‘Steve is quite calming and I felt safe and supported in the tremoring. No questions felt silly to ask. The science given was interesting without being confusing.’ -Laura Sanders, Children’s Social Worker ‘The course was excellently run, encouraging and supportive.’ -Jo Robertson, Yoga Teacher ‘I enjoyed the balance of theory and practice, all delivered at a manageable pace. It offered a solid explanation of what happens in our bodies when subjected to stress and trauma; and why shaking makes sense. The practice was extensive and thorough. I feel confident enough to continue the practice and look...
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TRE has helped me transform my health and regulate my heart without meds

Posted on16 Dec 2016
In 2002, I contracted Lyme disease in Spain, which was traumatic and had an effect on my heart causing arrhythmia at the time. My wife died in 2006 leaving me with two young children. Her illness and death were a catalogue of traumatic events and I began to develop arrhythmia again, on a sporadic basis and was prescribed medication (bisoprolol) to control the condition. Over the following 10 years my condition became steadily worse until in 2016 my medication dosage was at a high level and having a major impact on my wellbeing. My likely future was more medication, surgery and a pacemaker. A friend suggested TRE and I took...
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Feedback from TRE London Module 1 2015 Feb 4-6

Posted on16 Feb 2015
  ‘I thought Steve was an excellent lecturer – very dynamic, engaging, clear and enthusiastic about his subject matter. I am delighted I came on the course’ Rina Kaur – Solicitor. ‘The experiential part is amazing. I love TRE. Profound, liberating realigning. A gift, thank you’ Emma Wynne–Jones – Music Teaching Artist. ‘Lovely blend of theory and practice. All at a manageable pace. I’m very satisfied and grateful’ Daren Dewitt – Trainer, Coach, Counsellor. ‘I learned easily, felt supported and loved the practice’ Adam Langer – Counsellor. ‘The pace of delivery and style really held and supported me. The level of detail and depth was conveyed so simply’ Tracey Meaning – Marie Curie Cancer Nurse.