There is a small, but growing, community of Certified TRE Providers in the UK and Ireland. Below is a searchable table of Certified TRE Providers who have done all, or part of, their training with TRE College. Also listed are people offering TRE® in the UK and Ireland who trained elsewhere. Worldwide, all TRE Certified Providers are on the TRE for All website

TRE Certification Trainer: Licensed by TRE Global to train Certified TRE Providers, Advanced TRE Providers and TRE Mentors (TRE Certification Trainer Trainee or (T) and TRE Local Trainer are in the process of qualifying). 

TRE Mentor: Experienced Certified TRE Provider trained to support TRE students in all of their learning process, except the final certification. (TRE Mentor Trainee is in the process of qualifying as a TRE Mentor)

Advanced TRE Provider: Experienced Certified TRE Provider trained to support TRE students in parts of their learning process, typically the students personal process and teaching of the exercises.

TRE Certification Trainers (including Trainees and Local Trainers), TRE Mentors, and, Advanced TRE Providers can act as supervisors and tutors to TRE students in the certification process.

Certified TRE Provider: Certified to teach TRE as a set of stress relieving exercises to individuals and small groups. Certification enables registration on the TRE for All website.

The table below lists Certified TRE Providers trained with TRE College in UK and Ireland. Use the search button to find provider near you.