Student Tracker App

  • Add, View and Update all elements of your TRE Certification process on the App
  • Supervision covers contact with Mentor, records are usually entered by the Mentor and measured by ‘Credits’
  • Assessment covers written submissions, records are entered by the Student and recorded as ‘Complete’

You can do everything in the App

  • Add, View and Update all Assessments
  • Add, View and Update Supervisions (usually done by your Mentor, but you can add comments on their notes)
  • Easily review your Journal Entries on one page
  • Separate pages for Pre M2 and Pre M3 Agreements
  • Easily add multiple attachments such as Word docs, JPG or PDF’s by drag and drop (if you don’t want to type in the App)
  • Email your Mentor to let them know when you submit an assessment
  • The database hinges on the ‘Student-Mentor’ ID. Jack Student working with Jane Mentor the ID is Jack S-Jane M
  • Update on the go – the App works well on a smartphone