This interview from the Somatic Movement Summit, April 2021, covers some key principles on safely doing TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises). It includes a demo of 2 people shaking live, one for the first time and lots of tips for self practice.

To learn more about TRE or train in TRE

This interview is part of the Somatic Movement Summit a free online event where you can discover how conscious movement holds the key to healing & vitality. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Other introductions to TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises via these links A general description of TRE What is TRE? A quick and simple animated explanation A wonderful overview of TRE from a site exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

TRE is a great self-regulation tool. A simple set of exercises are used to trigger therapeutic tremors in the body. The tremors help reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. In tension and trauma old primitive reflex parts of the brain get stuck in defence strategies. Over-protective reflexes contract our bodies for ‘fight-or-flight’ or shutdown the body in ‘freeze’. TRE is a safe and easy way of releasing tension and waking up your body.

You can find out about the exercises and try them on your own. The best introductions are either: 

Video: Official TRE for All, Inc guide on youtube
Book: ‘The Revolutionary TRE Release Process’, highly recommended book by Dr David Berceli
App: ‘Stress Less TRE’, Official TRE for All, Inc guide as a phone app

For a non scary introduction to trauma and how to overcome it:
‘Trauma Is Really Strange’ Comic book on trauma by Steve Haines or Amazon

As featured in The Times:
Too fidgety to meditate? Try TRE