Firemen in Mexico use TRE for stress reduction

Posted on23 Apr 2015
Who looks after the people who look after others? First responders (such as firemen, ambulance workers, and police), carers, and therapists consistenly report being overwhelmed by what they witness. The above new video from David Berceli is a great endorsement from fireman in Mexico on TRE as a tool to relieve stress. It is simple and cheap to learn. TRE is a self regulating tool that has been tried and tested by people who have been through extreme events.

Feedback on TRE Level 1 in London May 2011

Posted on07 Sep 2011
[youtube=] The first Level 1 course in  London went really well. 21 people attended. It was a very international group, a couple of people coming from Malaysia and Singapore and others from Italy, Belgium and France. The video above has a clip of someone shaking, a tutor demonstrating two of the exercises and photos of some the tutors and partcipants. Here is some of the feedback from the course members: ‘Very well presented, explained, and facilitated. Thank you for sharing this important work.’ James Roy, Neurofeedback specialist ‘Excellent course, informative, practical and fun. Instruction with extensive expertise and experience with different backgrounds giving the course depth and richness.’ Susie Poole, Teacher ‘Great...
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Videos: TRE in Sudan, South Africa and China

Posted on19 Mar 2011
[youtube=] I am always impressed by how many countries and how many people David has work in and with. Above is a great video from Sudan. Below a video from China. There is also a very interesting and informative news piece from South African TV which you can access by clicking here Carte Blanche Medical: Trauma Releasing Exercises [youtube=]

TRE Video showing tremors

Posted on27 Oct 2010
[youtube=] This short video gives some sense of the tremors that can occur after doing the tension and trauma releasing exercises.