TRE Certification Trainers (inc Trainee), TRE Mentors (inc Trainee), can supervise you you in all parts of the TRE Certification Process. TRE Mentor Trainees will receive supervision about the supervision they give to their students. The TRE Final Certification Session needs to be done with your Primary Certification Trainer, normally Steve Haines for TRE College trainings.

All of the Mentors are experienced at working online. Most of the supervision process can be done by video calls and recorded videos. For a biography of the Mentor please click on the name of the Mentor in the table under photos.

Online TRE Events from Certified TRE Providers (inc Supervision Groups from TRE Mentors)

(Certified TRE Providers and TRE Mentors If you would like to add your Online TRE group to the list, use this link)

TRE Certification Trainer (CT): Licensed by TRE® for All to train Certified TRE Providers, Advanced TRE Providers and TRE Mentors (TRE CT Trainee is in supervision and training to become a TRE Certification Trainer).

TRE Mentor: Experienced Certified TRE Provider trained to support TRE students in all of their learning process, except the final certification. (TRE Mentor Trainee is in supervision and training to become a TRE Mentor)

TRE Certification Trainers, TRE CT Trainees, TRE Mentors and TRE Mentor Trainees can act as supervisors and tutors to TRE students in the certification process.

Certified TRE Provider: Certified to teach TRE as a set of stress relieving exercises to individuals and small groups. Certification enables registration on the TRE® for All website.