Optional Direct Links to App Mentor

TRE College Student Tracker App: App Access for Mentors

Direct login to the App Access for Mentors:
After login, the table shows the specific links that allow you into the Student Tracker App (or ‘App’) and you can View, Add or Update all records for a student. When in the App you see exactly what the student sees and can quickly add to and update the student progress. The App Access for Mentors table also has short summary of student progress, a space to enter ‘Headline Comments’

Your password for the App Access for Mentors:
This can be reset at the bottom of your Profile page in the Student Tracker App
Remember the App Access for Mentors is a different password and login from the App. To change your password for App Access for Mentors you are in effect using the App as a student, please note you can also change you photo, update your bio and contact details that display on https://trecollege.com/mentors/

Full instructions, a short video introduction, and the App Access for Mentors login are also available here:

Prefer to submit Supervision comments in a form outside of the App? Click here:

Check out the what the students see when they access the App

Mentors: You can do everything in the App*

  • Login to the App Access for Mentors. The links in the table allow you into the App and you can View, Add or Update all records for a student. You see exactly what the student sees and can quickly add to and update the student progress. Super Cool. 
  • When in the App, navigate using the tabs at the top, click on summary cards to see detailed entries. You will see a buttons to ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ or ‘Mentor Only: Comment’.
  • Update on the go – the App works well on a smartphone.

* Things you can’t do in the App

  • The unique ID for each record entered in the database hinges on the ‘Student-Mentor’ ID. Jack Student working with Jane Mentor the ID is Jack S-Jane M – If you can’t find your student click here to add. NB It will take about 15 mins to appear in the App, this only needs to be done once.
  • App Access for Mentors allows you to see an overview of your students, you can make extra comments on this table.
  • You can still use a Submit Supervision form outside of the App click here


  • Supervision credits are usually created by the Mentor and cover contact time (NB Students can make comments on Supervision and can self add Supervision Credits, but these should be approved by the Mentor)
  • Assessments are created by the Student and cover write ups (NB Mentors can add Assessments on behalf of student (inc upload attachments), make comments and mark as Complete)
  • Your password for the App Access for Mentors can be reset at the bottom of your Profile page in the Student Tracker App (NB You will need to sign up to the App and create an App password to reset, Please do check your profile entries such as URL, bio and pic in the App)

Video guide for Students to the App

Video guide for Mentors to Access App for Mentors 

Mentors: Password sent separately or contact admin