Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®


Train in TRE or try a 3 day workshop: Module 1 can be taken as intense TRE workshop for your own healing process or as the start of the TRE Certification Training.

If you intend to take the training program to become a TRE Certified Provider, TRE for All, Inc requires regular TRE practice, supervision and practice of teaching before attending Module 2.

There are regular TRE Groups in London where you can meet the teachers and experience TRE.

There are regular TRE Intro Events in London open to all comers. 

Click on the blue text in the list below for more details and how to book on Module 1 or Module 2 or a TRE Event. (Supervision Events are aimed at people in the certification process, but if you are an experienced shaker they may also be interesting and useful.)

TRE® in 100 words

TRE®, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, are a simple set of exercises that trigger a natural tremor reflex in the body.

Shaking can release long-held tension patterns and promote new feelings of connection and ease.

Shaking is a novel stimulus to the central nervous system. New stimuli, approached with safety and curiosity, can support learning and growth.

The psychology of trauma is complex, the physiology is relatively simple. In trauma old parts of the brain are fixed in defence cascades of ‘fight-or-flight’ or ‘freeze’.

TRE® is a safe, natural process to re-boot overprotective reflexes.