‘Great teachers – I felt in very safe hands. I enjoyed the whole course but primarily the knowledge and information on the science of shaking.’ Sophie Hurley – Holistic Practitioner

‘I enjoyed delving deeper into the neurology of trauma and I feel Steve has a great way of explaining things and making information accessible.’ Calli Popham – Yoga Teacher Trainer

‘I felt safe at all times. I liked Steve’s grand background knowledge covering psychological, medical and developmental information.’ Cornelia Pohl – Mother and Bodyworker 

‘I loved having different tutors around as they all have different personal approaches and life experiences which adds to the learning process.’ Claudia Colella – Sophrology

‘I felt very grounded and calm. The blend of theory and practice helped me a lot in my understanding of trauma, freeze response and avoiding re-traumatisation.’ Neemisha Naugah – Holistic Therapist 

‘All the info and research on Trauma was amazing. I loved the videos of animals shaking and people shaking. I loved the info about the polyvagal theory.’ Sylvia Benoist – Sophrology

‘I had a lot of time for the teaching style where certain theories were offered rather than stated as absolute truths.’ Ben Wheeler – Tree Surgeon