‘The atmosphere of safety and an allowing attitude was superb.’

-Lotta Kupiainen, Yoga Instructor

‘Steve is quite calming and I felt safe and supported in the tremoring. No questions felt silly to ask. The science given was interesting without being confusing.’

-Laura Sanders, Children’s Social Worker

‘The course was excellently run, encouraging and supportive.’

-Jo Robertson, Yoga Teacher

‘I enjoyed the balance of theory and practice, all delivered at a manageable pace. It offered a solid explanation of what happens in our bodies when subjected to stress and trauma; and why shaking makes sense. The practice was extensive and thorough. I feel confident enough to continue the practice and look forward experiencing further positive changes, and share this beautiful modality with friends and family.’

-Lora Cannon, Hypnotherapist

‘I liked the relaxed comfortable friendly tutors. Interesting content. Practical instruction. Emphasis on safety, regulation and monitoring people’s progress carefully.’

-Maria Stayne, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

‘The course was warm and welcoming.

I liked the simplicity, clarity and intelligence in the presentations of the theory. There were useful videos, slides with quotes, and references to research. There were a variety of ways of explaining, with different angles and useful metaphors. The answers to questions cut through and kept with the essence.’

-Catherine Ding, Massage Therapist