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30 Mar 2018

Succesful TRE Module 1 in London

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‘The atmosphere of safety and an allowing attitude was superb.’

-Lotta Kupiainen, Yoga Instructor

‘Steve is quite calming and I felt safe and supported in the tremoring. No questions felt silly to ask. The science given was interesting without being confusing.’

-Laura Sanders, Children’s Social Worker

‘The course was excellently run, encouraging and supportive.’

-Jo Robertson, Yoga Teacher

‘I enjoyed the balance of theory and practice, all delivered at a manageable pace. It offered a solid explanation of what happens in our bodies when subjected to stress and trauma; and why shaking makes sense. The practice was extensive and thorough. I feel confident enough to continue the practice and look forward experiencing further positive changes, and share this beautiful modality with friends and family.’

-Lora Cannon, Hypnotherapist

‘I liked the relaxed comfortable friendly tutors. Interesting content. Practical instruction. Emphasis on safety, regulation and monitoring people’s progress carefully.’

-Maria Stayne, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

‘The course was warm and welcoming.

I liked the simplicity, clarity and intelligence in the presentations of the theory. There were useful videos, slides with quotes, and references to research. There were a variety of ways of explaining, with different angles and useful metaphors. The answers to questions cut through and kept with the essence.’

-Catherine Ding, Massage Therapist

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  1. Jacky Haworth

    Looks like you are getting great numbers for your classes, Steve. I just assisted at a TRE 2-day introduction with Richmond Heath in Brisbane Aust and we are running a Group Shake Session on the Sunshine Coast on 7 April.
    We arrive in the UK in June and will be in Muswell Hill from approx 20-30 August. Gerry and I run a unique workshop which involves Numerology, TRE and Yoga. We’d love to share it while in UK. would you be interested in attending promoting an event for us. We usually offer you a free place and you get a % of every person you get on board. Here are some details
    Warm wishes

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