We are pleased to announce the start of TRE classes and trainings hosted on Zoom.

Covid-19 has produced some creative responses in the Yoga, TRE and Exercise worlds. We have quickly learnt we can hold a safe space for you to learn TRE online from the comfort of your own home.

Zoom has a very useful feature of small breakout groups to do some small group work to support the main group teaching. You will need a good web connection, ability to use Zoom (its simple – a meeting link will be sent in any booking confirmation), a yoga mat and a mind and body open to explore….

Online Certified TRE Provider Training*

There is a new structure to training as a Certified TRE Provider with TRE College. There are now 3 modules:

Online Module 1 (2 days), Personal TRE® Process, £250 full price, £220 early bird. 12-13 Jan 2021 or 20-21 Mar 2021 or 8-9 Jun 2021 NEW DATES

Online Module 2 (2 days), Teaching TRE® to Individuals, £250 full price, £220 early bird. 23-24 Feb 2021 or 26-27 Jun 2021 or 7-8 Sep 2021 NEW DATES

Online Module 3 (2 days), Teaching TRE® to Groups, £250 full price, £220 early bird. 26-27 Nov 2020  or 11-12 May 2021 or 20-21 Nov 2021 NEW DATES

*18 May 2020 New Guidelines from TRE for All, Inc have been published. All modules can now be taught online. All TRE College plans for face to face modules in 2020 have been shelved. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted it is possible there may be face to face teaching options in 2021.

The old model was 6 days of face to face teaching spread over two modules. The new model is 6 days teaching spread over three modules. For people who have completed the old style, face to face Module 1 (3 days) see below in Old Model section.

The curriculum remains the same. The supervision requirements also remain the same. There is a minimum of 13 hours supervision that are essential to the process of training as a Certified TRE Provider.

Online TRE Intro Days with Steve Haines