The new tension-release technique

The latest relaxation technique is perfect for people who can’t sit still

‘If you have no patience for mindfulness and you’re too fidgety to meditate, a new approach to tackling stress has just reached the UK’s most fashionable yoga mats — and it might be for you. It takes the opposite approach to sitting still and trying to quieten your thoughts. TRE, short for tension and trauma releasing exercises, is a series of movements that encourage your muscles to shake, with the idea that this will help to release the tightness in your body that is caused by stress.’

‘I am being shown TRE by the Geneva-based bodyworker Steve Haines, who has spent 15 years treating people with stress, anxiety, persistent pain and sleep issues, and has published a series of books on the link between stress, trauma and pain. He is just about to start a series of TRE workshops at the trendy Triyoga clinic in north London.”

You can read the first part of the article here: (Unfortunately the whole article is behind a paywall)

However here is a pdf of the full article: TRE in The Times 2019-08-17