TRE in The Daily Mail – 21 Jan 2019

Lying on the floor one morning, I watch as my legs begin to tremble. Then my tummy wobbles like a half-set jelly.

A few minutes in, and my body is positively shuddering, even though I am doing nothing to make this happen. It’s as though my limbs have developed a mind of their own.

Welcome to the eyebrow-raising world of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) — a way to literally shake off your worries that’s set to be one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019.

According to fans of TRE, the body stores memories of trauma — bereavement, financial worries, a stressful job or even just a bad experience at the dentist.

Steve Haines, the therapist leading my session at Triyoga in North London, explains how responses to trauma become buried as we battle to keep going. ‘We crunch ourselves up to avoid feeling pain. We resist letting go, preferring the stiff upper lip,’ he says.’

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Simple Shaking Exercise No 1 Stand on One Leg – Shaking is Normal!

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Try and stay perfectly still. Now bring your feet together. You will notice you are wobbling. Now, put one foot on top of the other. You will feel natural shaking in your body. The vibrations are led by your nervous system to optimise your muscle tension and help you stand up.

Simple Shaking Exercise No 2 Squat on Toes – Shaking is Normal!

Do a simple squat for a few seconds. Repeat so your thigh muscles get tired. For the third time, if you feel safe, go up on to your tiptoes, then squat down. You will almost certainly start shaking. Hold. Repeat again.