October 1, 2017

‘The new wellbeing craze of shaking’ TRE in The Sunday Times

Posted on01 Oct 2017
TRE in The Sunday Times Style Magazine ‘There’s some physiological logic behind shaking. “A noisy neighbour or an argument with your husband takes you down the same fear pathway as fleeing a tiger,” says Steve Haines, who runs TRE workshops at Triyoga in London. It’s hard to think clearly when we’re tense. “We feel stuck, numb, absent and depressive.” Change the physiology, though, “so you feel released and connected”, and the effect is “a sense of joy, ease and comfort”. This, he says, leads to better sleep, more stability and confidence, and less pain. Diverting energy from stress, he claims, means resources can go into “the long, slow projects” such...
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