Online Certified TRE Provider Training with TRE Schweiz*

Train as a Certified TRE Provider with TRE College and TRE Schweiz. There are 3 online modules and an extensive supervision process with a TRE Mentor or Mentor Trainee. The teaching on the Modules will be in English with German translation. The supervision process will be done by native German speakers from the current cohort of TRE Schweiz Mentors and Mentor Trainees.

Online Module 1 (2 days), Personal TRE® Process, CHF 490 Early Bird, CHF 540 Full Price. 29-30 Jun 2021

Online Module 2 (2 days), Teaching TRE® to Individuals, CHF 490 Early Bird, CHF 540 Full Price. 28-29 Sep 2021

Online Module 3 (2 days), Teaching TRE® to Groups, CHF 490 Early Bird, CHF 540 Full Price. 18-19 Jan 2022

*18 May 2020 New Guidelines from TRE for All, Inc have been published. It is now possible to fully train as a Certified TRE Provider online.

The old model was 6 days of face to face teaching spread over two modules. The new model is 6 days teaching spread over three modules.

The curriculum remains the same. The supervision requirements also remain the same. There is a minimum of 13 hours supervision that are essential to the process of training as a Certified TRE Provider.

TRE Mentor Supervision, Steve Haines for TRE Schweiz

Online Supervision Groups for TRE Mentors and Mentor Trainees

Regular Monday lunch times 12.00 to 2.00pm, CHF 70 Full Price. (Dates to be confirmed  03 Apr 2021)

Group shake followed by discussion on all things TRE for TRE Schweiz Mentors and Mentor Trainees. The goal is a creative space to explore TRE theory and practice. The supervision group is in English with minimal translation into German via group members

Content will vary but possibilities include – How to support students during the TRE Certification Process; Group shake led by Steve; Discussion of theory relevant to TRE; Demo sessions led by Steve; Learning from other TRE Schweiz Mentors and Mentor Trainees; Giving feedback on recorded videos sessions done by students.

TRE Events List: NB Times shown in list below are UK Timezone


TRE Certification Trainers (inc Trainee), TRE Mentors (inc Trainee), can supervise you you in all parts of the TRE Certification Process. TRE Mentor Trainees will receive supervision about the supervision they give to their students. The TRE Final Certification Session needs to be done with your Primary Certification Trainer, normally Steve Haines for TRE College trainings.

All of the Mentors are experienced at working online. Most of the supervision process can be done by video calls and recorded videos. For a biography of the Mentor please click on the name of the Mentor in the table under photos.