Curriculum to train as Certified TRE Provider

Download a pdf with all the curriculum and requirements information TRE Certification v24.pdf

TRE Certification Elements: Supervision and Assessment Exact Requirements

Supervision: Covers contact with Mentor, records are entered by the Mentor and measured by 'Credits'. A minimum of 13 credits, inc Final Cert Session, to certify. There are a minimum of 4 supervisions on Personal Process, 4 on Teaching Individuals and 4 on Teaching Groups.

Assessment: Covers written submissions, records are entered by the Student and recorded as 'Complete'. A minimum of 18 completed assessments to certify. Assessments include 2 Journal Summaries, Pre M2 and Pre M3 Agreements, 4 Write Ups on Teaching Individuals, 2 Case Studies, 4 Write Ups on Teaching Groups and 4 Write Ups on TRE Concepts.

Table of Expected Costs

It takes between 10 and 24 months to train and costs about £2000 (Note the below)

  • For people without an existing qualification as a therapist, teacher or trainer then the supervision requirements will almost certainly be greater.
  • The goal of the TRE training is that every TRE Certified Provider will be able to lead people safely through the TRE process.
  • Supervision is an ongoing negotiation depending on your existing skills, your study progress and time taken to complete each stage.
  • It is not unusual for more supervision sessions that the minimum outlined to be required as part of your learning plan.
  • If the gap between Modules is greater than the recommended 6 months, or the total completion time is likely to be longer than 24 months, it is very likely we will recommend extra supervisions.
  • Typically we suggest groups of 4 extra supervisions.
  • The completion of the above minimum requirements does not guarantee you will be certified as a Certified TRE Provider.