Cool Timeline

Step 1
Register with the TRE for All certification enrollment site


This is the first step in your certification training program. The contact details you enter here will eventually be used to create your listing on when you are qualified. This is the official TRE for All data resource. Please contact Marina Radovic with any changes or questions: [email protected].


There is a fee of $35 to enrol. On payment you will be able to receive updates as part of the TRE Global community. When you register on the TRE for All enrollment site pick Steve Haines as your Certification Trainer.

Step 2
Pick a TRE Mentor and book your first supervision session

TRE Mentor is the term we use for supervisor. Your Mentor is the person with whom you do the bulk of your supervision work. Students need to be proactive in booking sessions with their Mentor.


You can change your Mentor, but once only and it is generally not recommended. Please note, New TRE for All guidelines (Nov 2022) require you to do at 2 supervised teaching sessions (individuals or groups) with a Secondary Certification Trainer. The whole process is overseen by your Primary Certification Trainer – Steve Haines for TRE College.


The preference is that you choose one of the Mentors on your Module 1. You can learn more about TRE College Mentors, and get their contact details, here:  Email your chosen Mentor direct to make a plan.

Step 3
Start shaking, keep a journal, join Thinkific

Start shaking regularly!!! See guides on keeping a journal in the document TRE Certification pdf available on Thinkific or via


Please discuss the journal process with your Mentor and set a timetable for achieving the goals of the TRE Certification process.


We have online toolkits to support your learning using Thinkific: You have been sent an email to invite you to create a Thinkific account. The first time you login you need to set up your own password.


TRE Certification Module 1 – Contains support material for Module 1, inc the latest versions of TRE Mod 1 Manual pdf and TRE Certification pdf. Here are weblinks for curriculum: and book list:

Step 4
Book a TRE Module 2

You can check the dates of upcoming Module 2s here:


Between Module 1 and Module 2: 

  • Minimum 20 hours of journaling of own TRE Process 
  • Minimum 2 personal TRE tremoring sessions facilitated by your Mentor 
  • Read required literature and write short report – What is the physiology of trauma? 250-500 words 
  • Pre M2 agree with your Mentor whether now is the right time to attend a Module 2
  • Recommended gap between M1 and M2 is 2 to 4 months
Step 5
Check out the Student Tracker App

Login to View, Add and Update Assessments and Supervisions within the App:


The first time you visit you will need to sign up and create a password using the email we have on record for you.


Full instructions, a short video introduction, and the App login are also available here:


Download Module 1 Next Steps as PDF