Online TRE Certification Timeline

Personal TRE® ProcessOnline, 2 Days

Module 1

Learn how to safely start and stop natural tremors. Core principles of grounding, self regulation and avoiding freezing, flooding and dissociation will be taught.

Between Module 1 and Module 2:

  • Minimum 20 hours of journaling of own TRE Process
  • Minimum 2 personal TRE tremoring sessions facilitated by your TRE Mentor
  • Read required literature and write short report – What is the physiology of trauma? 250-500 words
  • Create a Learning Plan with your TRE Mentor and agree whether now is the right time to attend a TRE Module 2
  • Recommended gap between modules is 6 weeks to 6 months 


Teaching TRE® to IndividualsOnline, 2 Days

Module 2

Learn how to safely teach the TRE to individuals. Deepen your understanding and application of polyvagal theory. Learn how to create safety for people to meet their bodies.

Between Module 2 and Module 3:

  • Complete second 20 hours of journaling of personal TRE process (40 hours in total)
  • Complete personal TRE tremoring sessions facilitated by TRE Mentor
  • Start teaching TRE to individuals in single sessions and then multiple session case studies.
  • Record sessions and receive supervision on your teaching (minimum 2 supervision sessions on teaching by Module 3)
  • Read required literature and write short report – How do tremors promote health? 250-500 words
  • Recommended gap between modules is 6 weeks to 6 months
Teaching TRE® to GroupsOnline, 2 Days

Module 3

Learn how to facilitate the tremor process in small groups. Develop skills to explain TRE and ground and regulate diverse groups. Learn how to make group interventions to contain and support safety.

Between Module 3 and Final Certification session:

  • Complete required teaching, write ups and supervision of individual case studies
  • Complete required teaching, write ups and supervision of groups
  • Summarise TRE theory as covered in the required reading and videos. 250-500 words.
Supervision with your TRE MentorOnline or Face to Face, Min 12 Sessions

Ongoing Supervision

Supervision is an essential component of the training. Minimum requirements are 4 sessions on your personal process, 4 on teaching individuals and 4 on teaching groups. More supervision may be required by your TRE Mentor, depending on your skills and background.

Useful, voluntary, tools for support in addition to mandatory supervision:

  • Peer support sessions; practice teaching TRE with co-trainees
  • Online supervision groups facilitated by TRE Mentors
  • Online TRE College Courses to deepen your theoretical knowledge
  • Assisting TRE Mentors with groups and workshops
Ongoing and Final CertificationOnline or Face to Face, Min 1 Session


There are ongoing assessments of your skills with your TRE Mentor. Prior to Module 2 you will develop a learning plan to decide whether to continue to focus more on your personal process before seeking to teach TRE to others. Graduation depends on a successful Final Certification session.

Final Certification

  • When all written and practical elements are complete and agreed with your TRE Mentor there is a Final Certification session with your Primary Certification Trainer
  • Minimum time to complete is 12 months
  • Maximum time to complete is 24 months

Download Training Timeline as PDF

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