LocationOslo and UK


Sita is a colleague from Oslo and is available for skype supervision in the UK. She is also a craniosacral therapist and experienced bodyworker and has worked extensively with Steve.

Sita Pettersen is a body-worker and – therapist, seated in Oslo, Norway. Since 1997 she has been running her own practice, now focusing mainly on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), TRE and massage/various intuitive bodywork.

Her interest in the human potential for healing started when she was 27 years old, when she experienced severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. This led to an extensive training in many different kinds of bodywork and meditational therapies.

Still she regards her own inner work process to come back to health and well function again, to be the most valuable and intensive part of her “education” to understand the human being from within and work with others. Meditation, various treatments, therapy, nutrition and so on took her a long way on that path, yet it was through Somatic Experiencing, and then finally through BCST and TRE during the last 4-5 years, that the final healing could take place.

Sita has a strong passion for working with health and healing through witnessing and supporting the human body’s own enormous and amazing wisdom, intelligence and healing powers. An art you can start learning, but never finish.