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TRE for All, Inc official guide on how to do the exercises to start the tremors. New video March 2020.

What is TRE? A excellent quick and simple animated explanation.

Dr David Berceli: Explanation of TRE®

Quick and easy video: TRE = Mindfulness on steroids

Video TRE Testimonials

I have found TRE to be the most potent form of self healing that I have experienced.
Claude Laroque, Yoga Teacher, 2014

I noticed a build up of my own natural energy, as a result of losing nervous system energy. And also a great sense of bliss. It was extremely pleasurable and I felt it was something that put me in touch with the essence of my nature.
Hilary Austin, Bioenergetics Therapist, 2014

I have just felt my hips and my pelvis have opened up and loosened up in a way that they haven’t felt for years, especially since child birth.
Kate Munden, EFT and NLP Practitioner, 2014

It was as though body and mind came together and trusted each
Raki Lyons, Yoga Teacher, 2014

TRE comes in below the psychological, below our cultural level, it comes right in underneath the radar and it just helps to free things up that for some crazy reason we have held onto.
Tim Kirkpatrick, Meditation Teacher and Craniosacral Therapist, 2014

TRE has completely changed my relationship to my body
Denise Stillie, EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, 2014

Videos about TRE College

What TRE Can Do For You

Steve Haines Biography

About TRE College

Videos for TRE Students

Explaining Freezing, Flooding and Dissociation. Steve Haines, TRE Certification Trainer

Stunningly good animation on trauma. Trauma and the Brain: Understanding abuse survivors responses from NHS Lanarkshire on Vimeo

(Two minor anatomy quibbles: 1. The hippocampus does not pump out cortisol – though lots of cortisol is secreted by the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA axis) when we are in Fight-Or-Flight and 2. The image of the limbic system is wrong, they show the parietal lobe on the outside of the brain – the limbic system is deep in the centre of the brain.)