I am off to Norway today for a 3 day workshop with David Berceli. Hopefully it should be one of the last pieces in my TRE training. It will be great to see David in action again. I will be presenting a short piece on fascia and how it is involved in the trauma response.

After one year of being involved with TRE, I continue to be impressed with changes that can happen through the tremoring process. About 60 to 70 people have been through the groups I have led in London and in Geneva.  Everybody so far has experienced the tremors, easily actually. Participants include pyschotherapists, craniosacral therapists, a monk, a physiotherapist and yoga and chi gung practitioners. The youngest participant, he came with both parents and his sister, was 10 years old. Fantastic.

There has been some great feedback. Reported changes include shifts in old aches and pains, feeling more energy and more inner peacefullness. Here is a quote:

“The lesson was very useful and inspiring to take this technique much more seriously….it makes sense now…. such a great tool to have….it’s like a magic trick I’ll always have on me till the rest of my life! so thanks for that.”  Chris, after attending a London TRE group

TRE has also changed my practice as a craniosacral therapist. I feel much happier with people shaking and going through involuntary twitches. Before TRE, my tendency was to slow people down and help them go underneath the twitches, I was overly worried about people repeating and re-cycling old patterns. Now I feel much more confident in holding the space and trusting the movements initiated by the body. By taking away my fear that someone was going to get lost in a repeating pattern of involuntary, and sometimes very intense, movements I  can now trust the wisdom of the body. It has been enormously freeing for both me and my clients.