Learn how to safely teach the TRE to individuals. Deepen your understanding and application of polyvagal theory. Learn how to create safety for people to meet their bodies.

Between Module 2 and Module 3:

  • Complete second 20 hours of journaling of personal TRE process (40 hours in total) and all complete personal process supervision
  • Start teaching TRE to individuals in single sessions and then multiple session case studies. Record sessions and receive supervision on your teaching (min 2 supervisions on teaching by Module 3)
  • Pre M3 Tremors? write up: Why are tremors useful? 250-500 words
  • Pre M3 Reading write up: Summarise insights from essential reading. 250-500 words
  • Complete Pre M3 Agreement with your Mentor and agree whether now is the right time to attend Module 3
  • Recommended gap between M2 and M3 is 3 to 5 months