Chris McDermott

The content was excellent and the practical experience very good too. I felt the balance of theory and practice was just right. I particularly enjoyed Steve’s calm delivery and presence with his excellent background knowledge too.

Sophie House

Steve was really passionate, knowledgeable and excited about TRE and it was really infectious. He answered questions really well and all information was clear and explained, as well as fascinating.

Peter Gluck

There were clear instructions and down to earth reasons about how and why TRE works and the thrill of self practice to improve myself and learn.

Kate Leftley

I liked the structure and the emphasis on self-regulation,Ā slow pace and ‘no need to tell the story over and over again’. I enjoyed getting in touch with my body’s innate intelligence again.

Allison Brown

Steve had a great ability to engage with students on a personal level within the whole group. This promoted a sense of being heard and of being part of a community.