TRE featured as one of the biggest wellness trends in Harpers Bazaar – 10th Dec 2018

Shaking Meditation

‘TRE (Tension & Trauma Exercise), dubbed ‘shaking meditation’, involves a series of controlled shaking exercises that aim to release muscular tension and reduce your stress levels. It might seem a little odd to purposely shake on the floor but through the process you get to understand your feelings better and reset your thinking patterns. Try it, especially if you hate the silence you feel with meditation.’

All the ways we will be improving our physical and mental wellbeing going forwards

If you’re feeling stressed and at the point of burnout at the moment you are not alone. The global wellness market has grown 12.8 per cent in the last two years, transforming it into a $4.2 trillion industry and with good reason. As a generation, we are working longer, playing harder and three in four of us have felt so stressed in the last year we’ve felt ‘overwhelmed’ or ‘unable to cope’ according to the Mental Health Foundation.

It’s no wonder that we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Luckily, there’s a lot more to the wellness industry than yoga and scented candles (though we’d recommend both for some quick and effective relaxation time). In fact, there are a thousand different ways to add a sense of wellbeing into your life, but these are the activities and products that the experts say are set to be the biggest trends for 2019…

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