The recent Module 1 in London at Triyoga went really well. 25 people safely exploring tremors. Lots of people from different parts of the world, including participants travelling from Bombay, Prague, Dubai, Copenhagen and Geneva. Here are some of the comments on the feedback forms:

‘Steve is a wonderful teacher whose enthusiasm for TRE is very catching! I liked his friendly and relaxed teaching style and how he managed to deal kindly with questions from a big group and get through the material on time. He seemed extremely knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to be there. I thought the course content was interesting, varied and sufficient at this stage. The pace of theory delivery was good and it was a real bonus that it was still possible to have 6 sessions of ‘shaking’ with appropriate feedback time afterwards.’
Vibi Gibson, Yoga Teacher and Dementia Therapist, 2015

‘Great introduction to trauma therapy and skills. Good support for experiential TRE sessions. Well held and organised and good handouts.’
Hannya Melrose, Core Process Psychotherapist and Craniosacral Therapist, 2015

‘Steve is a very skilled teacher and hugely knowledgeable. 3 days seemed like the right time period. It was nice how the teachers worked together.’
Nathalia Berkowitz, Lawyer, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, 2015

And some quotes from people who did not want to be named but liked the workshop:

‘It was a different way to become aware of my self and my body’

‘Well held and structured. Experienced and well informed facilitators. All questions answered with and open attitude’

‘Well structured. Feel clear about TRE. Felt supported and learnt a lot.’

‘I liked the exercises, the slow measured style of teaching. TRE is excellent’

‘Great course, great teaching, thank you. Inspirational!’