TRE on the floor js4

The final position of bringing the knees together slowly develops the tremors.

‘It was brilliant and gave me a lot more than I was expecting. A great healing tool!’ Katie Worsdall – Yoga Teacher.

What did you like about the course: ‘Everything.’ Jerry Lunn – Consultant, Upstream Oil and Gas Exploration.

What did you like about the course: ‘The flow. It was gentle but boundaried. I felt safe in pushing through my boundaries.’  Ranjit Mann – Psychologist.

What did you like about the course: ‘I learnt that safety is a body sensation: often in workshops safety is created by words and group contracts. Here I didn’t need those, just the mentors’ body presence was enough to tell my nervous system the message of safety. For the first time in my life giving my weight completely to the floor to carry.’  Hanna Suvanto – Student.

TRE group discussion3

Group discussion. We also formed small groups for feedback with a tutor.

‘I have a deeper connection to my body. When having a difficult sensation I have a clear aim of containment and what that process feels like. I loved to see the absence of the need to judge. TRE is a fast way of connecting to the present and the body and learning acceptance. “Go with the body” now has an experiential meaning to me in a precise way.’ Tracey Adams – Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Supervisor.

What did you like about the course: ‘Connecting with my body on a different and new level.’ Sophie Clout – Counsellor.

‘I feel privileged to have been here and discovered a method of self healing.’ Harriett Brand – Presentation Coach.

Really well structured – presentations, discussions in large and small groups with tutors, the shaking, of course, and taking others through the process. Steve brought a wealth of experience, supported by a fantastic team.’ Bob Bharij -Addictions Therapist/ Yoga Teacher.

‘What was great  was that I had no idea of what we were going to do. I and never shaked before or seen someone shake. After this training I learnt so much and want to spread it all over!’  Foivos Filintras – Yoga Instructor and Physical Therapist.

TRE group 2014-04 crop2

35 students and 8 tutors, safely exploring trauma.

‘Very clean and concise teaching.’  Mark Chilton – Property Manager and Carpenter.

What did you like about the course: ‘The warmth and knowledge of the tutors.’  Melanie Cox – Psychotherapist.

TRE tutor team5

Tutor Team, r to l: Andreas Herold, John Sleeman, Steph Hodgson, Lucie Van Leeuwen, Liz Brown, Steve Haines, Nienja Brouwer, Cheda Mikic.