Article on TRE in The Daily Mail

Posted on27 Jun 2013
Well done to Caroline Purvey for getting the article published – her website is There is a small, but growing, community of TRE people in the UK. The qualified therapists are listed here (you need to scroll down the page to the UK listings)   There are regular TRE groups in London, you can access details here   David Berceli’s book is a good place to start if you want to find out more: Revolutionary Trauma Release Process by David Berceli

Interesting article on people attempting to help in disaster zones

Posted on12 May 2013
‘The idea that rescuers can arrive in disaster areas and prevent mental illness in a single meeting is an attractive fantasy but often serves the needs of relief workers and their image more than disaster-affected communities.’ There are lots of pitfalls in trying to help. Talking is less helpful than we think it seems.

TRE Group In Dublin 23rd May 2013

Posted on01 May 2013
I am pleased to announce a one off TRE group in Dublin in May: Date: 7.00 to 9.00pm on 23rd May 2013 Venue: Marino Institute, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9. Cost: €20, €10 concession. Contact: Steve Haines to reserve a place or Raymond Lambert The group is open to everyone. TRE groups are a great way to learn about how tremors can help release chronic tension patterns. The group will be very informal, no previous experience is required. There will be a short talk on TRE, some introductions, we will go through the exercises and then allow the tremors in our bodies and then a short sharing about the experience...
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Level 1 Confirmed in London July 18,19, 20 2013

Posted on24 Apr 2013
******NEW: TRE Level I confirmed from July 18th to 20th with Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni and Steve Haines  (It will be run concurrently with the Level II) at Moving Arts Base, London. Booking details to follow soon******