I am mature in years and have tasted the beauty of contact and relationship through working in different contexts wearing different coats. I am a registered UKCP Psychotherapist and Supervisor and an Advanced TRE Provider. I have practiced as a psychotherapist and supervisor for well over 20 years and in my early years had a body work practice. The body and how we are embodied in place and time has been a significant substantial inquiry into who we are, who I am, what knows, what resonates.

I have worked with disadvantaged groups in the community, was a lecturer in Group and Community work at Southwark College London, was an Approved Mental Health Social Worker and Social Work Team Leader. For seven years was a staff member of the Karuna Institute teaching psychotherapy.

My practice includes mindfulness, an embodied awareness of our attachments. The ability to identify what is happening in the body the sensations, emotions and thoughts. The ability, to know and observe, empowers self-regulation the capability to choose, to start or stop or pause, move into something or move away. When we respond rather than react anxiety is less we have more choice. I have a deep personal practical commitment to meditation and body awareness. How we form relationship wherever we are. How to reconnect with hope when working with change. I work with dreams, enjoy poetry, walking and swimming.