November 12, 2018

What is it like attending a TRE Intro Day? Review from a Yoga Teacher.

Posted on12 Nov 2018
‘I found the process to be very accessible and immediately effective – I was shaking well before I finished the exercises, and enjoyed the sensation of release.’ Here is great review of a ‘TRE Intro Day’ from Susie Gerke, yoga teacher and blogger via  Friday Featuring … The Shakes Or, more officially, Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). Intrigued by the idea that inducing involuntary tremors might be another way of tackling deep tension and chronic pain, in August of this year I went along to a day-long workshop run by Steve Haines to learn about shaking as a form of self-regulating the nervous system. I booked this workshop...
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