May 21, 2014

Feedback from TRE London Level 1 2014 April 28-30

Posted on21 May 2014
‘It was brilliant and gave me a lot more than I was expecting. A great healing tool!’ Katie Worsdall – Yoga Teacher. What did you like about the course: ‘Everything.’ Jerry Lunn – Consultant, Upstream Oil and Gas Exploration. What did you like about the course: ‘The flow. It was gentle but boundaried. I felt safe in pushing through my boundaries.’  Ranjit Mann – Psychologist. What did you like about the course: ‘I learnt that safety is a body sensation: often in workshops safety is created by words and group contracts. Here I didn’t need those, just the mentors’ body presence was enough to tell my nervous system the message of safety. For the first time in my...
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