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Studying with David Berceli in Oslo

Posted on20 Mar 2011
Just arrived home from three days with David Berceli in Oslo. I learnt loads. A quick list of some of  highlights I can remember right now: Stay focused on self regulation. Stay with the body. ‘Where is it in the body?’. The tremors reveal existing issues they do not create new ones. When people come out of freeze it is inevitable to feel things. It is healthy. We need to do more TRE to then help the charge of the fight and flight responses resolve. As a therapist, can you stay present in the face of huge charge and intensity emerging in the client? Presence is the most important skill to...
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Videos: TRE in Sudan, South Africa and China

Posted on19 Mar 2011
[youtube=] I am always impressed by how many countries and how many people David has work in and with. Above is a great video from Sudan. Below a video from China. There is also a very interesting and informative news piece from South African TV which you can access by clicking here Carte Blanche Medical: Trauma Releasing Exercises [youtube=]

TRE Video showing tremors

Posted on27 Oct 2010
[youtube=] This short video gives some sense of the tremors that can occur after doing the tension and trauma releasing exercises.

The Ease of Trauma Release Exercises by David Berceli

Posted on14 Oct 2010
This is copied from a blog by David Berceli. You can access the original blog here. I like it as I recognise the difficulty of trying to get people to sense their bodies. It can be done, and cranial work has much to offer to support body awareness, but TRE is more radical. Once the tremors are occurring there is not much else to do, except maybe remembering to breathe. ‘Many times clients have come to me telling me that many spiritual books, gurus, guides, coaches, etc., give them mental exercises to try to ‘sense’ their bodies, ‘feel’ the tension inside, ‘imagine’ being calm or ‘focus’ on your tension. This...
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