I am a an Advanced TRE Provider, freelance artist and work with art in a boarding school with behaviour difficulties children. Looking for more balance and satisfaction in my life, I learned how valuable it is to include my entire body in my awareness.

TRE showed me a way to be more comfortable in my body, and, piece by piece to arrive as a whole person on Earth. TRE allows me to anchor in myself, helping me to deal much better with both mental and physical exhaustion and agitation. TRE gives me stronger presence when working with young people and helps me have a clear reference point in my studies of the free creative space.

I studied in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. I have my degree in Free Art obtained in Spain and am currently at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in a doctoral studied fine art. TRE group in Zurich, Langnau and TRE group in Basel. I speak English, German, French and Spanish.