Stress and trauma change
how your brain works
Tremors in TRE safely wake up your body and reset the brain
Without chronic tension patterns
and a sensitised brain, you will be
happier and healthier

What Is TRE?

David Berceli’s Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE® are an amazing tool for helping the body let go of deep, chronic patterns.

They are remarkably simple and the process of change they facilitate is very easy to self regulate. The goal of the exercises is to start a self directed tremoring process. The tremors are deeply natural and release tension and trauma held in the body.

Once you have learnt the exercises, and can feel and allow the tremors, you just let the body do its own healing and clearing out of overwhelming experiences. It really can be that easy.

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Learn about TRE


Learn about TRE® and stress, tension, trauma release on your own:

‘Trauma is Really Strange’  graphic book by Steve Haines (out Nov 2015)

David Berceli books and DVDs.

Try TRE - 1 to 1 or Group


Find a Provider or Group near you.

Certified TRE® Providers can help you learn the about the quiet power of tremors in a 1 to 1 setting. Groups are a safe and cheap way to learn TRE®. Many people start in drop in groups.

Train In TRE


Train In TRE® in England, Switzerland and Ireland.

Join the 9 month TRE® Certification Program to safely learn how to teach TRE® to others as a set of stress relieving exercises.